Contractor In Charge | Answering Service for Plumbing Companies in Los Angeles | Part 2

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Booking and dispatch – Start on the right foot with this exclusive and professional answering service for plumbing companies in Los Angeles. Using excellent and trained customer support and cutting-edge technology, your customers and potential customers will get an immediate, friendly, and professional response that continues with them from first contact to dispatch and beyond. This answering service is designed with your industry and customers in mind.

Why settle for a generic answering service that does not understand your needs when Contractor in Charge is available, with workers who are already trained and ready to do everything that you require?

Outbound calls – Contractor In Charge’s competitors cannot do outbound calls, creating an unnecessary division between average answering services and plumbing companies, slowing down customer service, and hampering customer satisfaction. Lynn Wise, Founder, CEO, understands what is needed in the plumbing industry and made certain that the Contractor in Charge answering service does not have that limitation. Communication is clear, easy, and fully integrated into the Contractor In Charge service. You will be amazed by how much of the office workload this service can truly lift from your shoulders, freeing you up to focus on the important part of a plumbing company – offering and completing plumbing services!


Bookkeeping and accounting – Take some of the extra work off your plumbers’ hands and let them focus on their real job. In addition to traditional answering service duties, Contractor in Charge has the experience and training necessary to handle bookkeeping and accounting and pull permits for jobs. Leave the busy work to a dedicated and professional team.

Extend your office

Going one step further than that, any administrative task can be done to match your in-house team. This means that you can continue to grow and scale your plumbing business without having to worry about additional hiring, human resources work, or day-to-day office work. It will all be taken care of for you. Contractor In Charge has you covered from start to finish, from the moment a customer first makes contact all the way through to the end, allowing for organized and consistent customer service and a positive client experience.

There is so much more than your plumbing business can do once you let Contractor In Charge get to do all the customer service and extraneous office tasks.

Get back to business

Your customers will get the benefit of old-fashioned service and cutting-edge technology. The full integration offered will help for seamless communication between customers, the answering service, and your business. Nothing gets dropped or delayed when Contractor In Charge is at your service.

With them by your side, you will finally be able to focus on what is actually important in the plumbing world – offering a quality plumbing service. What are you waiting for?


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