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Contractor in Charge:

“Old Fashion Service and Cutting Edge Technology”

After years as a co-owner of a plumbing and heating company, Lynn Wise created a formula for home services customer care and accounting best practices.

In 2014 she realized that she could provide this system to scale as a fully outsourced service. Because of her vast experience at previous positions at Yellow Pages and IBM, her team has harnessed the power of the latest technology available with a focus on old fashion customer care and real time bookkeeping and Contractor In Charge was born.

Offering decentralized and completely scalable answering service and bookkeeping for plumbers, electricians, heating and air conditioning home service contractors.

Contractor In Charge | 5 Items To Make Your Plumbing Company Virtual

Contractor In Charge shared this content. You’ve heard about the great benefits of being a virtual contractor, but you aren’t sure if it would work for you since you own a plumbing company. The good news is it certainly will. Here are some tips to help you make the switch to

Contractor In Charge | Key KPIs for Your Plumbing Business

Contractor In Charge shared this content. Do you know what a KPI is? You have an established plumbing business, however, if someone asked you “What are your 9 KPI’s?” Would you know?  Knowing these things will mean you have a better handle on your business. KPI is an acronym for

Contractor In Charge | Outsourced Accountants Can Help You Find Profits

Contractor In Charge shared this content. There are a lot of misconceptions about accountants—what they do, and what benefits they provide. To a lot of people, accountants are the people who check the general ledger, fill out tax return documents, do complex bookkeeping, and ensure basic financial health. Certainly, those

Contractor In Charge | Finding Banks That Support Profit First System

This content is shared by Contractor In Charge. One of the setup steps you must take as you begin your Profit First journey, is creating new bank accounts. The Profit First system requires you to have a dedicated bank account where you deposit your profits, as well as separate accounts

Contractor In Charge | How Social Media can Grow Your Home Service Business

This content is shared by Contractor In Charge. It’s easy to consider social media as a vanity, a time-waster, or a lark—however for plumbing, electrical, and HVAC companies, social networks can actually be powerful tools. They create valuable touchpoints with your customer base and can be especially effective for generating

Contractor In Charge | When Homeowners Consider Multiple Estimates

This content is shared by Contractor In Charge. “Thank you for providing me with your estimate. I’ll make my final decision after I gather the rest of my quotes.” It’s something that home service providers hear all the time. Homeowners who say this is playing it smart, ensuring that each

Contractor In Charge | Does your business need to carry Inventory?

Contractor In Charge Shared this article content. Several home service businesses have told Contractor In Charge that they think they need inventory and an inventory management system. However, that could be the start of a big mistake: assuming your business needs to stock parts and supplies itself, by failing to

Contractor In Charge | Business Predictions and Trends for 2021

Contractor In Charge Shared this article content. It can be nerve-wracking reading the business predictions and trends. Too many articles contradict each other.  However, there are some key consistencies to notice, that I feel are relevant for 2020.  On an important note, the trends below are consistently mentioned for all

Contractor In Charge | Does Your Chatbot Pass the Turing Test?

Contractor In Charge shared this content. Alan Turing, an English scientist developed “The Turing Test in 1950.  It was designed to test the ability of a machine to exhibit intelligent, human-like behavior.  To pass the test, a computer would need to be mistaken for a human more than 30% of

Contractor In Charge | Outsourcing Lets You Focus on Your Business

Contractor In Charge shared this article. It would be nice if your trained, experienced office employees would never quit. Or when they go on vacation, someone else could seamlessly step into their job and effectively and efficiently handle it. When you want to be better than the competition, your customer

Contractor In Charge | Answering Service for Plumbing Companies in Los Angeles | Part 2

Contractor In Charge shared this article. Booking and dispatch – Start on the right foot with this exclusive and professional answering service for plumbing companies in Los Angeles. Using excellent and trained customer support and cutting-edge technology, your customers and potential customers will get an immediate, friendly, and professional response

Contractor In Charge | Words to Provoke, Inspire, and Entertain

This article is shared Contractor In Charge. The New Year is right around the corner. Looking back, we have had almost two years of uncertainty and chaos. Yet most service trades have and are prospering well. With this said, I decided to keep this light for a year-end article.  Rather

Contractor In Charge | How to Adapt to the New Normal

This content is shared by Contractor In Charge. Are we moving into a new normal?  COVID-19’s economic disruption has caused businesses to either re-examine how they do business or cease to exist. The harsh reality is that companies that try to return to business as usual may find it hard

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