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Contractor in Charge:

“Old Fashion Service and Cutting Edge Technology”

After years as a co-owner of a plumbing and heating company, Lynn Wise created a formula for home services customer care and accounting best practices.

In 2014 she realized that she could provide this system to scale as a fully outsourced service. Because of her vast experience at previous positions at Yellow Pages and IBM, her team has harnessed the power of the latest technology available with a focus on old fashion customer care and real time bookkeeping and Contractor In Charge was born.

Offering decentralized and completely scalable answering service and bookkeeping for plumbers, electricians, heating and air conditioning home service contractors.

Contractor In Charge | Top Trends in Digital Transformation

Shared by Lynn Wise of Contractor In Charge:   With the rise of digital transformation, the experts at Contractor In Charge note that technology isn’t just something that more businesses are taking advantage of. It is also starting to heavily influence how consumers interact with businesses. As a result, consumers

Contractor In Charge | The High Cost of Bad Data

Shared by Lynn Wise of Contractor In Charge: Gartner research has uncovered that an average of $15 million is lost by businesses annually due to bad data. IBM tallied up that sum for the U.S. economy and put the total at $3.1 trillion, according to Inc. At Contractor In Charge,

Contractor In Charge | How to Calculate Your Cost of Goods Sold

Shared by Lynn Wise of Contractor In Charge:   Operating a business comes with numerous challenges and responsibilities, according to the pros at Contractor In Charge. One of the most important things that new business owners must understand is how their business accounts and financial statements work. If you’re starting

Having a Thriving Plumbing Business in A Difficult Economy

The current economic climate is one of the most challenging that we have ever seen. Even some of the strongest businesses have felt the pinch, with revenues shrinking and costs rising. In light of these challenges, all businesses must consider how they can thrive through tough economic times rather than

Contractor In Charge | Ways to Improve Work Processes for Your Business

Small or medium-sized businesses often have trouble with productivity and find ways to Improve Work Processes. This is because owning a business comes with many responsibilities, and it can be hard to keep everything organized and going smoothly. If you’re wondering how you can improve your processes for your small

Do Answering Services Differ From Customer and Dispatch Companies?

Contractor In Charge shared this content about Answering Services You’re a busy contractor that needs help with incoming calls. You question whether an answering service would be best for your business rather than a customer and dispatch service. So what are the differences? What answering services provide An answering service

5 Items To Make Your Plumbing Company Virtual

Contractor In Charge shared this content with the Plumbing Company. You’ve heard about the great benefits of being a virtual contractor, but you aren’t sure if it would work for you since you own a plumbing company. The good news is it certainly will. Here are some tips to help you

Contractor In Charge | Key KPIs for Your Plumbing Business

Contractor In Charge shared this content about Plumbing Business Do you know what a KPI is? You have an established plumbing business, however, if someone asked you “What are your 9 KPI’s?” Would you know?  Knowing these things will mean you have a better handle on your business. KPI is

Outsourced Accountants Can Help You Find Profits

Contractor In Charge shared this content. There are a lot of misconceptions about accountants—what they do, and what benefits they provide. To a lot of people, accountants are the people who check the general ledger, fill out tax return documents, do complex bookkeeping, and ensure basic financial health. Certainly, those

Contractor In Charge | Finding Banks That Support Profit First System

This content is about finding banks shared by Contractor In Charge. One of the setup steps you must take as you begin your Profit First journey, is creating new bank accounts. The Profit First system requires you to have a dedicated bank account where you deposit your profits, as well

Contractor In Charge | How Social Media can Grow Your Home Service Business

This content is shared by Contractor In Charge of Home Service Business It’s easy to consider social media as a vanity, a time-waster, or a lark—however for plumbing, electrical, and HVAC companies, social networks can actually be powerful tools. They create valuable touchpoints with your customer base and can be

When Homeowners Consider Multiple Estimates

This content is about When Homeowners Consider Multiple Estimates shared by Contractor In Charge. “Thank you for providing me with your estimate. I’ll make my final decision after I gather the rest of my quotes.” It’s something that home service providers hear all the time. Homeowners who say this is

Carry Inventory – Does your business need?

Contractor In Charge Shared this article content about busines need to carry Inventory. Several home service businesses have told the Contractor In Charge that they think they need inventory and an inventory management system. However, that could be the start of a big mistake: assuming your business needs to stock

Contractor In Charge | Business Predictions and Trends for 2021

Contractor In Charge Shared this article about Business Predictions. It can be nerve-wracking reading the business predictions and trends. Too many articles contradict each other.  However, there are some key consistencies to notice, that I feel are relevant for 2020.  On an important note, the trends below are consistently mentioned

5 Things to Prepare Before Implementing Service Management Software

This article was shared by Contractor In Charge. Service Management Software is in the air and Contractor In Charge has received a lot of inquiries from clients and potential clients about changing or implementing Service Management Software in their business.  Some of this is due to clients changing a server-based

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