5 Items To Make Your Plumbing Company Virtual

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You’ve heard about the great benefits of being a virtual contractor, but you aren’t sure if it would work for you since you own a plumbing company. The good news is it certainly will.

Here are some tips to help you make the switch to becoming a virtual contractor!

1. Don’t lose any future business.

You know your business is crazy busy. You know that you’ve lost jobs because you just don’t have the time to call them back or when you do it took too long.

Did you know that a virtual customer service company makes sure that you don’t lose any future business? They can because they are there to answer your phones while you are busy servicing other customers.

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2. If you have office staff, ask yourself why you’re losing business?

Because that staff doesn’t know enough about your business and see themselves as message takers. Just getting a bunch of message slips doesn’t help reduce your workload.

3. A virtual customer service company knows plumbing contracting.

They know the difference between an emergency and a service call. They can help your customers even if you’re busy. Because their focus is businesses like yours, all the reps are highly trained to be able to help your customers get effective help when they call in.

4. If you don’t have office staff and a bookkeeper, it’s a pretty sure bet that hiring a virtual customer service company will save you money over hiring them yourself.

There are plenty of expenses you’ll save: employment taxes, workers compensation insurance, health insurance, benefits, and other expenses. Employing office staff will definitely be a huge expense.

5. The biggest boon to your Plumbing Company will be the satisfaction of your clients.

They will get answers right away given by a knowledgeable person who understands your business and their problem.

Emergency calls will be dispatched to you or your techs immediately. Non-emergencies will be scheduled for a service call on your own calendar. No call-backs are necessary! Plus your invoicing will be done promptly and payments posted. No internal bookkeeper is necessary.

It is possible for you, as a plumbing contractor, to go virtual. Try it today and see for yourself. It’s a decision you won’t regret.

Give us a call today! (813) 438.3666 We will explain exactly how you can take advantage of all the great technology available to every plumbing company nationwide.

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