Outsourced Accountants Can Help You Find Profits

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There are a lot of misconceptions about accountants—what they do, and what benefits they provide. To a lot of people, accountants are the people who check the general ledger, fill out tax return documents, do complex bookkeeping, and ensure basic financial health.

Certainly, those are all encompassed within the accountant’s role—but if you think accountants exist merely to do paperwork and keep your records in shape, think again. Actually, accountants have the skills to go through your financial statements transaction by transaction, identifying hidden profit centers within your company—highlighting ways to start generating more cash from your business, whether by tweaking your prices or by eliminating unnecessary overhead.

The Benefits of Outsourced Accountants

There are a number of specific benefits you can expect when you hire an accountant to take a look at your financials—among them:

Cost savings. A good accountant will have the skills necessary to discover areas where you’re overspending, helping you eliminate some unnecessary costs from running your company.

Time savings. Likewise, accountants can help free up your time by taking some of the repetitive administrative tasks off your plate—freeing you to focus on the things that really bring value.

Growth opportunities. Are there areas where your business is poised for major profit increases? A good accountant can help you identify these opportunities, and strategically exploit them.


The Right Skills for the Job

More than anything else, though, a qualified business accountant has the right skills to make your business more profitable. Just as you’ve trained hard to become an expert in plumbing, electrical work, remodeling, or HVAC repair, an accountant has financial expertise to help generate cash profits on your company’s behalf.

Do you have the same skills? Are you able to do what accountants do, and locate hidden opportunities for increased profitability? There are some easy ways to check. We recommend doing a quick online skills assessment to see how sharp your accounting skills really are. SkillCheck is the platform we use for our own pre-employment testing, and they offer a number of accounting tests you can try in order to get a fair self-appraisal.

Accounting Help from Contractor in Charge

If you take a skills test and find that maybe you’re not as well-versed in accounting as you could be, that’s no reason to panic. You can hire an accountant who will help you find those hidden profit centers in your business. In fact, that’s one of the main services we offer at Contractor in Charge.

Our accountants:

  • All have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting;
  • All have a minimum of five years accounting experience;
  • Are skilled not just in QuickBooks, but in all accounting systems;
  • Are all in-house, salaried employees of Contractor in Charge.

We’d love to sit down with you, look through your books, and help identify a clear strategy to make your business more profitable. Contact Contractor in Charge to schedule a consultation!

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