Contractor In Charge | Cutting Edge Technology Plumbing Company Answering Service in San Diego Part 2

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Don’t end up having to contract work out to multiple companies when you can have every service you need under one roof. Keep things streamlined, simple, and cost-effective. The Contractor In Charge plumbing company answering service in San Diego can answer calls 24 hours per day, book calls, do dispatch, and make contact with techs in the field. In addition, they are fully prepared to do office management, bookkeeping, and accounting, and permit pulling.

Inbound answering service – A professional plumbing company answering service in San Diego is your first step to catering to local customers and potential customers, no matter what time of day or night they may reach out for assistance. Contractor in Charge has friendly, professional, and highly trained customer support using cutting-edge technology to offer you a seamless and stress-free service from the first ring of the phone. And don’t forget, Contractor in Charge serves the plumbing community, so their employees are fully capable of answering questions and guiding callers to the services that they need.

Dispatch and outbound calls – The vast majority of answering services are not set up to make or handle outbound calls. This can create a bottleneck and lengthen the time between a customer’s first call and the service that they seek. If that time ends up being too long, customers can be lost. That’s why Contractor In Charge does things differently.

Lynn Wise Founder, CEO, realized that was where plumbing company answering services in San Diego were falling short, and she did something about it. At Contractor in Charge, dispatch and outbound calls are a part of the service. Each step of the process is a part of the workflow, and that includes contacting techs in the field. Nothing is overlooked. They can even pull permits for jobs when required.

Invoices and accounting – Contractor in Charge has the financial and industry experience needed to handle bookkeeping, create invoices, do general accounting specific to the plumbing industry, and offer planning advice for growing your business and increasing overall profit.

Office management and tasks – Extend your office with a team ready to take on office management and associated day-to-day tasks to ensure that your business is running smoothly and that customer expectations are being met. Free up your time for the important part of running a plumbing company – actual plumbing services!

Are you ready to make life easier and give your plumbing business the capacity to expand? Start with a free instant quote at the Contractor in Charge website.


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