Contractor In Charge | Cutting Edge Technology Plumbing Company Answering Service in San Diego | Part 1

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Have you started the long and arduous search for a perfect-fit plumbing company answering service in San Diego? If you would like an answering service that exclusively caters to and understands plumbers, go to Contractor in Charge to extend your office. Run by Lynn Wise Founder, CEO, the specialized niche answering service was built from the ground up to make the most of cutting-edge technology while serving the needs of plumbers, plumbing companies, and their potential as well as existing customers.

It’s where old-fashioned service and cutting-edge technology meet.

The plumbers’ answering service can take your calls both inside and outside of standard business hours, book a call as soon as it is needed, do any necessary dispatch, and even go as far as to connect with plumbers in the field to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Going one step further, Contractor In Charge is also fully ready and capable when it comes to office management and tasks. Some of their additional services include bookkeeping, accounting, financial reporting, lead qualifying, general customer care, business scaling, and pulling permits for jobs.

Assessing your company’s needs

Start by looking into what you need, exactly. Take an inventory of the services you require now and may require in the future if you plan to expand your company. Make an estimate of how much it would cost to do in-house, and then go to the Contractor In Charge website to use the instant price tool to see what it would cost to get those same services provided without the hassle of expanding your office hours, staff, or workload.

Unlike any other plumbing company answering service in San Diego, Contractor In Charge is transparent and upfront about their prices. The best part is that the custom quote is truly instant, even if you require some tailoring to fit your individual plumbing company’s needs.

Yes, it is still possible to get quality service without unwarranted or hidden fees.

Here are some things to consider when deciding what you would like to outsource:

  • How long are customers waiting before their calls are returned? The longer the wait is, the more likely it is that you will lose that customer to the competition.
  • Is your staff already too stretched to answer calls that happen outside of normal business hours?
  • Is paperwork cutting into the time that you or your plumbers should be focusing on business growth or plumbing jobs?
  • Do you have more calls coming in than you can reasonably manage, or will you in the future?

Take advantage of real industry experience

Extend your office in the best way possible with cutting-edge technology that has been customized for the plumbing industry.  Lynn Wise, Founder CEO of Contractor in Charge, has a wealth of experience in customer care, lead generation and qualifying, answering service and office technology, and the plumbing industry. In fact, she has stood in your shoes as a co-owner of a successful plumbing company where she helped to increase business by over 300%.

In addition to overseeing a plumbing company personally, Lynn has an MBA and a background in finance. She has worked in key positions at IBM, Ameritech, and Premier Distributing, as well as with yellow page directories.

Under her wing, Contractor In Charge offers the best of everything, with a combination of old-fashioned service and cutting-edge technology.

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